Ekukhanyeni seeks to contribute to community-owned sustainable development and poverty alleviation in a real and meaningful way through various eco-friendly initiatives. The aim is to empower communities to take better care of themselves and their many vulnerable children through various initiatives that form part of Ekukhanyeni.

The project’s purpose is to improve the capacity of the Finetown and Lawley communities to grow their own food on a sustainable basis linked in with providing effective childcare and the training up of an adult support network in an integrated manner so that the sum of the parts contribute to the whole.

The initiative revolves around the children who attend the 15 beneficiary backroom crèches in these communities and the inner circle of care-givers who support these Little Ones in various ways. The key aspects of the initiative include: skills development and participation in activities that increase food security and lead to better nutrition; adequate early childhood care so that the children’s physical and intellectual wellbeing improves tenfold and crèche infrastructure development. All of the activities are designed around reducing community vulnerability.